In 2016, 68 million visitors come to the Orlando area spending about 64 billion dollars. They are eager for information about the best places to spend those billions on their favorite activities like attractions, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, golfing and other services. Richard Kenney Media’s Tourist Channel is there to fill that need. Visitors appreciate finding the information they want on their hotel room television where everyone can enjoy the programming at the same time in the comfort and privacy of their room. The Tourist Channel programming repeats around the clock so guests can tune in anytime and as often as they like. The channel also offers guests valuable safety information to ensure their visit is safe as well as enjoyable. In addition to our in-room TV service, available in about 27,000 hotel rooms and growing, visitors can watch the Tourist Channel here on our website, on our YouTube channel at even before they leave home or from anywhere with a computer or mobile device. This easy access makes our advertisers information always available to millions of potential viewers worldwide.

Best of all, The Tourist Channel’s advertising rates are very inexpensive, less than the cost of a print media advertisement. Even the smallest of Mom and Pop companies can finally afford the power of the world’s number one medium, TV. We also offer our new advertisers very inexpensive creative and production services for those who require a new TV commercial produced for airing on our channel, which can also be linked for viewing on their website.

Please call us at 407-808-8080 or 407-808-4040, or email and we will be happy to provide you with all of the information you require to make an informed decision. Advertising agencies are welcome and protected.