The Tourist Channel is a service of Richard Kenney Media, Inc. The Kenney name is synonymous with quality advertising services in the Florida tourism industry. From leading tourism magazines to brochure distribution to in-room TV, the Kenney’s are respected state-wide.

Richard Kenney founded his first tourism media business, Kenney Communications, Inc. in 1982 with the release of an Orlando area tourism magazine, Enjoy Florida Magazine, which has been one of the top tourism publications in Orlando, the world’s number one family tourism market, for over 30 years. Even in the beginning Richard knew he wanted to start an in-room TV channel in central Florida but the technology was just too expensive then.

In 1989 Richard expanded the business into brochure distribution when the area’s only service refused to do business with him. Over the next four years he took more than half of the hotels in Orlando away from one of the nation’s largest brochure distributors who had enjoyed a monopoly over the market for decades. Eventually Kenney Communications won the exclusive contract for magazine and brochure distribution on Florida’s Turnpike, a service the company still provides today about two decades later.

In the summer of 2001 Richard Kenney Media, Inc., finally launched the Tourist Channel in-room TV in Orlando. It eventually became the only non-cable company operated visitor channel to survive more than a decade in the market. Many larger companies before us have tried but only we have succeeded for so very long. Our recipe for success at the Tourist Channel is very simple, provide a quality product at an affordable price.

If you are a potential advertiser or hotel, please call Ruth Ann Kenney at 407-808-4040 or Richard Kenney at 407-808-8080 or 407-808-4040.

Richard & Ruth Ann Kenney